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Introducing the Wagz Smart Collar. Packed with cutting edge technology, Wagz brings visibility into your dog’s life with intuitive control. Smart features help you track, monitor, and communicate with your pet at any time, ensuring that special member of your family stays safe, healthy and happy. The best all-in-one smart collar is finally here.


GPS Tracking
With precise GPS, you’ll never lose track of your dog again. Our mobile app can show you exactly where your dog is at all times, and alert you when your dog has moved outside a designated area.

Activity Monitor
Keep track of how active your dog is and how many calories your dog burns each day based on breed, age, and weight, so you can monitor and track your dog’s health and habits.

Temperature and Barking Alerts
Get alerted when your dog’s ambient temperature is too high, or when their barking has escalated, so you can always keep your dog safe.

LED Light with Headlight Sensor
Flashing lights around the collar alert oncoming traffic to the presence of your dog. These lights activate automatically when light shines on the collar, or you can activate the lights yourself directly from the mobile app.

Set a containment area from your mobile app that you do not want your dog to go outside of. Your dog will receive gentle ultrasonic and vibrational deterrents when moving outside that area to keep him fenced in.

Invisible Leash
Using the same gentle vibration and ultrasonic sensors built into the collar, you and your dog can go on walks together without the frustration of a leash.

Each Wagz collar with camera comes with a collar, a removable HD live camera, a charger, and a free app. Collar ships November 15, 2017. Optional $9.99 monthly fee to store data.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 8.5 x 2.75 in

Each standard Wagz collar comes with a collar, a charger, and a free app. Collar ships November 15, 2017. Optional $9.99 monthly fee to store data.


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