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One giant leap for dogkind.

Introducing the Launch Edition of the Wagz® Freedom Smart Dog Collar.

Powered by our patented Kognition™ platform, Wagz provides a total, connected pet lifestyle for dogs and their owners. The Freedom Collar pairs with the Wagz App and a cellular network subscription plan to let your dog run safely while you stay connected to his wellness and whereabouts. We continue to optimize your Wagz experience and send all updates to you over the air, creating a complete solution that grows with you and your dog.


Connected Pet Lifestyle

Life is more free. Safety is less concerning.

Putting the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar on your dog gives her more freedom and you greater peace of mind. We’re creating new ways to stay connected—even when you’re apart.

Customizable geofences

Create and save multiple geofences anywhere on the map in which your dog can safely play. Automatic, real-time corrections keep her contained, and Keep Out Zones prevent her from going where she shouldn't.

Real-time GPS location tracking

Know your dog’s location within 10 feet. Which beats “the last time I saw him he was cresting the hill by those trees.”

Walk mapping

Track and log the route, distance and duration of your dog's walks, runs and hikes.

Shock-free corrections

Humanely redirect your dog or correct his behavior using vibrations, audible sounds and ultrasonic sounds (individually or in combination). Corrections occur automatically when near a geofence and can also be activated manually in the Wagz App.

Activity and wellness tracking

Stay in tune with your dog by tracking her Health & Happiness Score, which is determined based on her daily exercise, sleep time, breed and more.

You have your collar.
What’s next?

Collar in hand, it’s time to subscribe to your Wagz membership. Your subscription gives you access to our total containment and wellness solution. You can choose between annual and monthly plans.

2Set up.

Once you’ve created your account, download the Wagz App to enter your dog’s info, connect to GPS and Wi-Fi and begin exploring. We continually improve the experience for dogs and people, and any new features or software updates will automatically be sent “over the air” free of charge.

3Start training.

Understanding the new-found freedom our collar provides may take time, which is why training is so important. We can’t stress this part enough. Your dog will need your help and some positive reinforcement to learn where his boundaries are and what the collar’s corrections mean.

4Stay connected.

Your dog’s ready to roam and you’re ready to follow along. Everything you want to know about, or do for your dog, can be found in the Wagz App. We encourage you to provide us with feedback along the way. Together, we’re blazing a new trail and will ultimately bring dogs and people even closer together.

Still sniffing around?

There’s more to know about our Freedom collar. Here are some additional advantages.

two removable rechargeable batteries

Easily swap out batteries when one needs to charge so that the collar can be worn around the clock.


Splash around without worrying about the collar’s durability.

Safety light

Enhance visibility and safety when your dog is out at night.

ambient temperature alerts

Be alerted when it may be too hot or too cold for your dog.

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