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Let go of the leash, and let’s go!

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar allows you to stay completely connected to your best friend. Our no-shock geofence containment system and real-time GPS give your dog the room to roam while you stay connected to his wellness and whereabouts. With the Wagz App you can create up to 20 adjustable geofences and save them all right within your smart phone. Have a garden or a pool you don’t want your dog getting into? Wagz is the only smart collar with customizable Keep Out Zones to make any area off-limits. Our App dashboard even allows you to manage multiple dogs. It puts freedom at your fingertips, allowing you and your dog to enjoy a worry-free Wagz life!

Discover the Benefits of Wagz

GPS Location

Ensure your pet is safe by knowing their location at all times.

Real-Time Geofences

Keep your pet contained with multiple geofences you can map anywhere.

Keep Out Zones

Designate specific areas as off-limits to your pet.

Humane Correction

Help control your pet's location and curb barking with audible, ultrasonic & vibration corrections.

Invisible Leash

Keep your pet nearby while walking or at your desk.
(Coming Soon)

Activity Tracking

Check your pet’s Fit Units (step count, exercise and sleep time) and their Health & Happiness Score.

Health Recommendations

Get automated health recommendations based on your pet’s activity level.

Temperature Alerts

Get alerts when your pet needs a break from the hot or cold temperatures.

LED Safety Light

Enhance visibility at night for your pet's safety.

Spare Rechargeable Battery

Keep the collar on your pet around the clock.

Water Resistant

Worry-free durability.

From Our Favorite Pet Pals

We work from home and can’t always take our dog, Bailey, out for walks during the day. Freedom gives us peace of mind that she is safe in our yard and we love the LED light feature at night!

This collar gives us all the features we need — geofence, GPS, health and activity — at an affordable price. We did a lot of research before buying and this product covers all our needs and more.

This is such a great and very useful product! The app is so easy to use and setting up the device took all of 10 minutes. I would definitely recommend this to any dog or pet owner! I see myself using this for years to come.


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