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Our story began with a love of dogs

and a desire to keep them safe and healthy. We know exactly how it feels to not know where your dog is. Years ago at a 4th of July party our founder’s dog got scared by fireworks and ran away, luckily to be found only days later. It was in that moment of worry and fear, that he decided to create a better way to be fully connected to our dogs in real time. That’s how Wagz was born.

We proudly call ourselves Dog Nerdz. What that really means is that we love technology almost as much as we love our dogs. It is our mission to combine the latest innovations with practical pet expertise to bring you the best humane smart dog products, starting with our Wagz Freedom Smart Collar. We believe a Wagz dog is a happy dog,  one that can roam freely while you monitor worry-free and stay healthy with more activity and attention — even when you’re apart. Join our Wagz community and discover what it means to be completely connected to your furry friend.