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Get More Wagz & Less Worries with the Wagz® Freedom Smart Dog Collar™

Introducing the all-in-one tracking, containment and wellness system that puts peace of mind in the palm of your hand! Just use your phone to:

✓ Always know your pup's exact location

✓ Easily monitor your dog's health & activity

✓ Keep them contained without fences or shocking

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The Press is Barking About Wagz

"this all-in-one virtual pet containment and wellness system allows dog owners to give their dogs more freedom while simultaneously being offered greater peace of mind"

"Wagz provides a total, connected pet lifestyle designed to give your dog a voice, strengthening your bond while ensuring his safety, health and happiness"

"Wagz will continue to optimize owners' experiences, sending updates over the air, creating a complete solution that grows with you and your dog."

Wagz® Freedom Smart Dog Collar™

The only shock-free, virtual pet tracking, containment and wellness system.

What's included:

  • Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar
  • 2 Removable, rechargeable batteries
  • Charger
  • USB charging cable
  • 1 Quick Start Guide and Support Insert
  • Fits on your dog's favorite collar

Be assured of your pup's happiness, safety and activity levels today with the Wagz® Freedom Smart Dog Collar™.

$249.99 + free shipping

Buy with confidence thanks to our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Fido's Favorite Features

Customizable geofences

Create and save multiple geofences anywhere on the map in which your dog can safely play. Automatic, real-time corrections keep her contained, and Keep Out Zones prevent her from going where she shouldn't.

Shock-free corrections

Humanely redirect your dog or correct his behavior using vibrations, audible sounds and ultrasonic sounds (individually or in combination). Corrections occur automatically when near a geofence and can also be activated manually in the Wagz App.

Real-time GPS location tracking

Know your dog’s location within 10 feet. Which beats “the last time I saw him he was cresting the hill by those trees.”

Walk mapping

Track and log the route, distance and duration of your dog's walks, runs and hikes.

Activity and wellness tracking

Stay in tune with your dog by tracking her Health & Happiness Score, which is determined based on her daily exercise, sleep time, breed and more.

The technology that makes peace of mind a piece of cake!

  GPS Location Tracking

  Customized Geofence Containment

  Shock-Free Training & Corrections

  Health & Activity Monitoring

  Easy-to-Use Wagz App

  Walk Mapping

Nearly 1000 Happy Customers and Dogs

"The best product I've got for my dogs and it helps me daily!! I highly recommend everyone to get it!! That is the best present you can give your puppies + it won't hurt your dog, and you can keep track where your dog is through your phone and it is the perfect size (small). Simply amazing 🐾💕♥️"

Evelise G.   Verified Reviewer

"I'm from Charlotte, NC and last week when I saw the Wagz collar publicity on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, I was excited for the Wagz collar for my Lili, because she is very independent of me, and she really likes it, she is Happy for enjoy the mornings on the fresh garden right now, and I want to thank you Wagz for amazing collar for my Lili!"

Sandra C.   Verified Reviewer

"I bought collar for my dogs and I'm loving using it, it's super easy to use, so I can make my dogs free and happy."

Giovanna   Verified Reviewer

"This is one of the best products I've bought for dogs, it works really well, I advise anyone with their pet dogs to get one they won't regret it. Thanks Wagz for this great product, I love this."

Gisele B.   Verified Reviewer

Get more peace of mind at an amazing price!

See how the Wagz® Freedom Smart Dog Collar™ stacks up.


Wagz Freedom Collar





100% Humane Corrections

Activity and Behavior Tracking

Calorie Burn, Steps,
Sleep Time, Temp Alerts


Safety Light

Alexa Integration

Removable and Replaceable Battery

Water Resistant


Get to know the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar a little better.

What is it?

The only no-shock geofence pet containment and wellness system.

How much does it weigh?

50 grams (1.7 oz.)

How big is it?

2.375” wide x 2” high x 1.5” deep including the clip (collar strap not included)

Recommended dog size:

15 lbs. and larger

Battery type:

Two removable, rechargeable lithium-ion 4.2V batteries

Battery life:

Up to 24 hours, varies depending on level of activity and network connection

GPS satellites:

  • GPS
  • Galileo

Communication networks:

  • LTE Cat M1
  • Wi-Fi (2.4gHz networks)
  • Bluetooth

Wagz App:

Free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play

Compatible smartphones:

  • Apple iOS 11 and later
  • Android 6 and later

Kognition™ technology:

  • Platform that powers the Freedom Collar and our suite of future products
  • Facilitates the rapid development of capabilities that can be delivered to our products over-the-air
  • Gives a voice to your pet by integrating with other IoT devices, like Alexa

Money back guarantee:

60 days on Launch Edition Collar

Limited warranty:

One year

Choosing your subscription plan.



Pay $99.99 once a year, which averages out to $8.33 a month and saves you 17%.



Pay $9.99 a month. Easy as that.

Get the launch edition and enjoy a stress-free and totally connected pet lifestyle.

Buy with confidence thanks to our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee