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Product Features

GPS Location
Ensure your pet is safe by knowing their location at any time.

Real Time Geofences
Keep your pet contained with geofences you can map anywhere.

Keep Out Zones
Protect specific areas within any geofence.

Humane Correction
Help control your pet’s location and curb barking with no-shock training that uses ultrasonic & vibration corrections.

Invisible Leash
Keep your pet nearby while walking or at your desk.

Activity Tracking
Check your pet’s route and distance when you take them on a walk, run, or hike.

Health Recommendations
Get automated health recommendations based on your pet’s activity level.

Temperature Alerts
Get alerts when your pet needs a break from the heat or cold.

LED Safety Light
Enhance visibility at night.

Worry-free durability.

Spare Rechargeable Battery
Keep the collar on your pet around the clock.

Wagz App
Use your connected device to manage one or multiple dogs.

Bark Control (Coming Soon)
Train your pet to control their barking with no chock, ultrasonic and vibration corrections.