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Will Wagz Work For You?

See how the Wagz® Freedom Smart Dog Collar™ works and get tips on whether it’s right for your pup, location and lifestyle.

One connected solution. 3 keys to success.

Property Size & Location

Ideal for properties a half-acre or larger that allow room to create a boundary at least 15 feet from a road or from your house.

Cellular Coverage

Suited for pet lovers who live in areas with sufficient cell service to ensure consistent connectivity.

Train Up Your Pup

Perfect for pet parents committed to helping their pup understand the boundaries.

Seem like a good fit for your furry friend?

Spend more time enjoying your pup and less money on the only shock-free wireless fence and wellness system.

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How Wagz keeps your pup contained.

Create geofences in seconds and use no-shock corrections.

Geofences vs. Traditional Solutions

Unlike a physical barrier or buried wire system, a geofence uses GPS data to allow you to create virtual boundaries—at your home or anywhere you go. Simply drop pins onto a satellite image of your location using the Wagz App and a virtual fence is created. Your Freedom Smart Dog Collar will recognize these boundaries and automatically deliver no-shock corrections and alerts if your pet strays outside them. That’s right… a containment system that works on any terrain and doesn't require you to dig up your yard—or dig into your wallet for expensive fences!

  • Create CUSTOMIZABLE boundarIES in your yard or anywhere you travel.
  • SET UP KEEP OUT ZONES to prevent your pup from entering pools, gardens and other ‘off-limits’ areas.
  • Use the Wagz app to manage multiple geofences and Keep Out Zones—for multiple dogs.
10-15ft Margin of Error

Creating and saving geofences is easy on the Wagz App!

Open the Wagz App and tap on the menu in the top left. Tap geofences, and then tap ADD GEOFENCE.
Tap on the map and create connected pins to define your boundary. Then tap CONTINUE.
From here you can name, save and assign the geofence to your pup(s).
Learn more about creating geofences here.

Shock-Free Corrections

How Wagz uses 3 different stimuli to get your pup’s attention.

With proper training, our system has been proven to be an extremely effective means of containment. How does it work? You simply create a wireless fence using the Wagz App and the collar automatically delivers humane corrections when your dog goes over her boundary. There are three different types of stimuli to alert your pup of boundaries—and none involve painful shocking! Dogs may respond differently to each correction type. Feel free to try them individually or in combination to determine what is most effective for your pup.


Similar to a traditional dog whistle, this emits sound waves at a frequency above the upper limit of human hearing. It does not force your dog to do anything, but gets her attention quickly!


Creates a buzzing sensation as another way to get your pup's attention when she reaches a boundary. Think of this like your cell phone ringer when it's on silent mode.

Audible tones

Produces a brief beeping sound that can be heard by both dogs and pet parents.


Creates a buzzing sensation as another way to get your pup's attention when she reaches a boundary. Think of this like your cell phone ringer when it's on silent mode.

What to expect with battery life.

The Wagz system uses removable, rechargeable batteries to power the Freedom Smart Dog Collar. And because it is built to constantly receive and translate important data about your pup—it uses more power than basic “smart collars”. But no worries! We include a second battery so you can always have one on the charger. The Wagz App also allows you to customize features to maximize battery life. Wagz users can also get nearly 3X more battery life with our Boost Battery.

  • Mostly Indoor Pups

    For pups that go outside when nature calls but spend a majority of time within reach of your phone’s Bluetooth or home Wi-Fi.

  • Medium Activity Pups

    For pups that are usually at home and spend chunks of time outside. These pups spend 1-2 hours outside daily and go on occasional walks.

  • Active Outdoor Pups

    For pups that spend long periods of time away from your phone’s Bluetooth or home Wi-Fi, and are often away from home.

*Estimates assume a fully charged standard battery, included with the Freedom Smart Dog Collar. Varies depending on level of activity and network connection.

Have an active pup?

Get nearly 3X more battery life.