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Why Do Dogs Run Away?

Why Do Dogs Run Away?

Dog running away? Here's why! 

Wondering why your dog is constantly running away from you? Join the kennel…err club. Oftentimes, when it comes to the reasons why your pup wants to flee, it’s not a question of loyalty, so don’t get down on yourself. It happens to a lot of pet parents. To understand why this behavior happens, here are the most common reasons why our most beloved buddies like to bolt.

Dogs are pack animals

As descendants of wolves, dogs have an instinct to be a part of a pack. A dog that’s left alone may try to escape to search for company or even a mate. So, it’s up to you—as a pet parent make sure his social cup is full, and he’s not tempted to go searching for other dogs.

Find a doggy daycare in your area. It’s great to test it out for a few hours to make sure your dog has a good reaction to other pups. Put some budget aside for a day or two per week of daycare to give your dog the socialization he needs.

Dogs can get bored or lonely

When a dog gets bored or lonely one of the most popular things she will do is try to escape the situation and see socialization. Running away is something she may do for entertainment, but don’t worry, it doesn’t mean your dog is not intelligent. It’s just your dog being a dog.

While it would be great to spend all day giving her attention — belly-rubbing, cuddling, and snoot-bopping — you can’t always be at home or have her with you. So, instead of beating yourself up for having to leave your dog at home alone, invest in toys and technology that can keep her busy when you aren’t there.

Stuff a hollow rubber dog toy with peanut butter and freeze it overnight. Or check out cameras that allow you to talk to your dog throughout the day, feed her treats, and keep her entertained from afar.

Dogs can get scared when they see or hear certain things

Equipped with super senses, dogs can flip into “fight-or-flight” mode when they’re startled or made anxious by loud noises like thunder or fireworks. This fear can incite escape behavior as your dog looks for ways to feel “safe” again.

ThunderShirts are tight-fitting garments for dogs that control anxiety. They can be an effective way to keep your dog calm in stressful situa- - tions. Also, when you leave the house, make sure to close windows to keep the level of noise low while you are away

Dogs find an easy way out

It’s important to dog-proof your house and yard so it’s not easy for your best bud to escape. When you’re in public with your pup, make sure he’s under your control and always be aware of your surroundings. As a pet parent, you’ve got to set the boundaries for a safe, healthy, happy hound. No matter how well-trained your dog is, sometimes squirrels can just send him over the edge. So always be prepared.

Teach your pet positive commands, like come, sit, stay and stop, so that he’ll obey even when off-leash

Need help keeping your dog contained?

Containing your dog has always been a necessary annoyance. Fences, whether invisible or just plain ugly, are expensive and require digging on your property. Not only that, but invisible fences are based on shock training.

A modern solution to a dog that likes to run away is a connected collar like the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar. It’s a GPS-connected dog collar that works with the Wagz App to allow you to create customizable geofences – or virtual containment fences – right on your phone. After enough training with your pup, you’ll be able to draw a wireless fence on the map with your finger. Voilà. Your dog is contained.

Unlike some other pet containments systems, the Freedom Collar uses no-shock, humane corrections — such as vibration, audible cues and ultrasonic sounds.

To learn more about how the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar stacks up against other containment options,
check out this handy comparison chart.

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