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Introducing Wagz Tagz: A Smart Solution to Keep Your Dog Off the Couch

Introducing Wagz Tagz: A Smart Solution to Keep Your Dog Off the Couch

Give your pup the freedom to roam inside your home

Sick of worrying about your dog jumping on the couch or on your bed while you're out of the house? Wish you had a way of stopping your best bud from getting into the garbage? 

Ditch the gates and crates, and say hello to Wagz Tagz — a new smart solution we created that works with the Freedom Smart Dog Collar™ to deliver a shock-free correction (vibration, audible cues and ultrasonic sounds) whenever your dog enters (or jumps on) an area designated as off-limits or unsafe.

It’s smaller than a credit card, but can make a big impact when it comes to training your dog to stay away from certain off-limits areas in your home.
This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bathroom (toilets, garbage cans, etc.)
  • Bedrooms (beds, chairs, etc.)
  • Kitchens (trash cans, countertops, etc.)
  • Living Rooms (couches, chairs, etc.)
  • Anywhere (litter boxes, plants, etc.)

    How to Keep Your Dog Off the Couch with Wagz Tagz

    Tagz requires the Freedom Smart Dog Collar™ and the Wagz App to create a virtual indoor Keep Out Zone right from your phone. How, you might ask? It’s actually pretty simple.

    All you have to do is slide one of the Tagz under a couch cushion, beneath a bed, or place it anywhere you want to limit your dog's access. And with some basic training — no more dirt on the couch, or tipped over trash cans.

    And much like how the Wagz App uses the Freedom Smart Collar to deliver shock-free corrections when your pup is outside and strays out of the yard or into your flower bed, Tagz also works with the app to allow you to create a Keep Out Zone (anywhere from one to 10 feet) around an area inside your home that you want to protect.

    Not only is it easy to set up — simply connect to your smartphone with the push of a button — but Tagz works for multiple dogs when both are wearing the Freedom Collar.

    But of course, using Wagz Tagz isn't a replacement for training, rather it is designed to reinforce your training.

    As with all corrections, continual training is required for a dog to understand what to do when a correction is applied. It is, however, a convenient way to start addressing a problem that plagues many pet parents.

    So the next time you see those paw prints on your sofa, or a bed full of fur, don’t just discipline your pup — although she may need some talking to. Start slipping some Tagz around your house and help her learn what’s on and off-limits while inside.

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