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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog in the Yard Without a Fence

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog in the Yard Without a Fence

Having a dog doesn’t mean you have to build a big expensive fence all around your property just to keep your furry friend close to home. There are a number of safe, effective ways to keep your pup contained in the yard; and while fences (both permanent and wireless) are popular options, they’re not ideal for all spaces.

Here’s a quick look at some ideas for keeping your best buddy safe and secure.


“Designing appropriate landscape boundaries can protect your investment and help you and your pet to live in harmony,” according to SFGATE, describing a practice that is sometimes referred to as “petscaping.”

Shrubs, hedges and thickets make great natural boundaries that also offer plenty of visual appeal. “Tall, tightly planted thickets and hedgerows make safe and secure dog barriers, particularly for jumpers,” says SFGATE. “Hedgerows are a mix of trees, shrubs and brambles that grow tightly together creating a windbreak and boundary between two areas. The branching in a hedgerow is tightly intertwined preventing medium-to-large dogs from going through or over it.”


“Make the yard their happy place,” suggests the American Kennel Club, noting that your pooch’s yard “should be a haven, shelter and playground.” The AKC recommends making sure they have plenty of fresh water, shady spots and a fun selection of toys and activities.

“Creating an enriching outdoor environment for your dog can help stave off his runaway spirit,” says Animal Wellness Magazine, which suggests toys, games, a sand pit to dig in, a kiddie pool to splash in, etc. The strategy here is to make the outdoor space fun, “so that the idea of escaping doesn’t cross his mind.”


These systems typically involve cables, lines or ropes that are staked into the ground or attached between trees. 

So-called “trolley tie-outs” can provide dogs generous room to romp around while also staying secure. According to PetHelpful, “They are made of two cables: one that runs above either between trees or special posts, while the other attaches to an overhead cable through some hooks and clamps. A pulley allows your dog to happily romp from one end to the other with fewer chances of getting tangled. It works similar to a clothesline.”

It’s important to note that such systems are not recommended for extended unsupervised backyard time.


    Training your dog will always be one of the most effective ways to teach your pup obedience. It will make other methods that much more effective, too.

    Such training often involves the placement of small flags so the dog can see the boundaries and treats to reward the desired behavior.

    Also, be sure to have patience and dedicate time to the training. It could take several weeks or longer to be able to leave your dog unattended in your unfenced yard.


    Technology has brought new options for keeping your dog in your yard without erecting physical fences or digging trenches for wires all over the place. One of the most interesting, and effective, is a smart dog collar with geofence capabilities.

    Though some use mild electric shocks to train the dog and deliver negative reinforcement for boundary violations, others rely instead on humane, shock-free behavior corrections, such as vibrations, audible cues and ultrasonic sounds to command your dog’s attention.

    Curious how a Geofence Dog Collar works? Learn all about it here.

    Here at Wagz, we’ve taken great pride in developing the very best smart dog collar — one that gives your pup freedom, offers the ability to create customizable geofences straight from your phone using the Wagz App, not to mention location monitoring, canine health data, fitness insight, and more. It also offers unparalleled portability, meaning you can take it with you anywhere you go.

    Of course, as mentioned above, training is always a key piece of the puzzle. So we also encourage you to take a quick look at our Guide to Geofence Training if you think this game-changing new tool might be right for you and your furry friend.


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